What is ThynkByg?

ThynkByg: Elevate Your Future, Embrace Your ‘Why’

ThynkByg is a AI-powered web-service developed by TWAGAA to empower you to define your life pathway basis your academic preferences and career outlook. The ‘y’ in our name ‘ThynkByg’ symbolizes ‘Why’, urging you to ponder, ‘Why Think Big?’ so that your life can thrive in harmony with your unique preferences and authentic self. We’re here to suggest you a journey where your aspirations meet purpose, and where thinking big aligns perfectly with who you are. Take our test and discover the power of aligning your life dreams with your personality, paving the way for a future that’s not just satisfying and prosperous, but also uniquely yours.

Why ThynkByg?

Unlocking Your Potential: Choosing a Career Aligned with Your Interests and True Self

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals find themselves on career paths dictated more by external influences than by their inner calling. Society often nudges us toward certain professions, emphasizing lucrative paychecks, prevalent trends, or societal norms. Consequently, countless individuals find themselves in jobs that may bring financial security but lack the essence of their true aspirations and potential.

Often, the allure of societal expectations weighs heavy on our decisions. Parents, peers, and cultural norms sometimes overshadow the whispers of our dreams, nudging us toward conventional career choices. The result? Many embark on career paths that, while seemingly promising, fail to ignite their passion or resonate with their authentic selves.

Moreover, the modern world bombards us with ever-evolving trends and industries, tempting us to chase the latest fads in pursuit of success. In this race, individuals might overlook their genuine interests and strengths, opting for careers that seem ‘in-demand’ but fall short of fulfilling their innermost desires.

Yet, amidst this societal tapestry of expectations and trends, there exists a beacon of hope: ‘Thynk Byg.’ Our platform believes in rewriting this narrative, guiding individuals to reconnect with their inner compass. We champion the idea that true success lies not just in financial gains but in aligning one’s education and career with their authentic self.

‘Thynk Byg’ is here to steer individuals towards careers that harmonize with their passions and personalities. We understand the significance of choosing a path that resonates deeply, leading to a fulfilling and rewarding life ahead. Our platform empowers individuals to embrace their uniqueness, offering guidance and insights that pave the way for a future where personal fulfillment and professional success intertwine.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of societal expectations and fleeting trends. Join ‘Thynk Byg,’ where we inspire you to reimagine success based on your aspirations and strengths. Let’s embark on a journey together to unlock your true potential and create a future where your career is an extension of your authentic self.

Our team

Meet the ThynkByg Team: Uniting Education, Tech, and Passion

ThynkByg is driven by a dynamic team passionate about reshaping the educational landscape. Comprised of seasoned academicians well-versed in educational nuances, college possibilities worldwide, and career prospects, alongside tech-savvy developers, our team blends expertise with technological innovation.

Our collective vision stems from a profound understanding of the challenges students face when navigating education and career choices. Armed with this insight, our academicians and developers joined forces, infusing ThynkByg with love and dedication. Our mission: to harness the internet’s power and cutting-edge AI technology to empower millions of students.

We believe every individual deserves a fulfilling educational journey and career path aligned with their aspirations. ThynkByg is our endeavor to bridge the gap between passion and education, ensuring that no student strays from their goals due to lack of guidance. With dedication and expertise, our team is committed to shaping a brighter future for students worldwide.

Our Parent Company

ThynkByg is fully owned by TWAGAA International, A Private Limited company registered and based out of India, CIN: U74900MH2015PTC267337