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Are you passionate about guiding students toward a fulfilling educational and career journey?

ThynkByg invites dedicated Education and Career Counselors, and Personality Coaches to partner with us in empowering students to make informed choices aligned with their goals. Collaborate with ThynkByg to make a meaningful impact on student’s lives by providing valuable guidance and mentorship. Together, let’s empower students to embark on a journey toward fulfilling and successful lives.

Why Partner with ThynkByg?

1. Access to Engaged Students: Gain access to a pool of motivated students seeking personalized guidance through ThynkByg’s comprehensive quiz service, allowing you to connect with students eager to explore their educational and career paths.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Outreach: Expand your reach and visibility within the educational community. Collaborating with ThynkByg offers exposure to a diverse audience, showcasing your expertise and counseling services.

3. Opportunity for Personalized Counseling: Engage with students through video and phone calls, or in-person sessions, catering to their preferences and your availability. ThynkByg facilitates seamless connections between counselors and students, ensuring personalized guidance.

4. Insights from ThynkByg Reports: Receive details of students who have opted for counseling after receiving their ThynkByg report. This information enables you to tailor your counseling sessions, understanding students’ preferences and needs better.

5. Professional Collaboration and Support: Join a network of experienced counselors and educators. ThynkByg fosters a supportive community where counselors can collaborate, share insights, and grow professionally.

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