Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

These terms regulate the utilization of thynkbyg.com (referred to as the “Website”) and the acquisition of digital content and services offered through it. By using the Website, you fully agree to abide by these terms, constituting an essential part of the contract governing our provision of the Website, associated services, and any digital content (such as e-books) or subscription services available on the Website (referred to as our “Products”). If you do not concur with these terms or any portion thereof, kindly refrain from registering, subscribing, or using the Website. References to the Website encompass thynkbyg.com and the digital content and services provided by us through it.

Please take note of how our Products (inclusive of our Website) are meant to be utilized.

We explicitly state that we make no assertions or guarantees concerning the academic or professional benefits of utilizing our Products. The information provided on the Website does not serve as a substitute for professional advice where applicable. Specifically:

  • Our Products are intended solely for informational and guidance purposes, and are meant for your personal use only (not for screening or evaluating others), and for no other objectives.
  • Our Products should not be considered as a comprehensive or accurate opinion or assessment regarding your academic, career and personal preferences. Our knowledge about you is insufficient to assure this. If you have any concerns resulting from using our Products, seeking appropriate professional advice is recommended.
  • Any decisions made subsequent to using or reading our Products are solely your responsibility, and we shall not be held liable for the outcomes of such decisions.
  • Our Products are strictly for personal use and are not intended for utilization in any business, educational, employment, or recruitment context.
  • We do not provide translations of our Products in any language other than English.

The official version of the Website is in English. Any discrepancies or variations arising from translations into other languages are non-binding and hold no legal validity for any purpose. For queries about the accuracy of information in non-English versions of the Website, please refer to the English version, which is the authoritative version.

The Website employs cookies. By using the Website and accepting these terms, you consent to our utilization of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Any personal data provided by you will be handled as per our Privacy Policy.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions of Use and Purchase may be revised periodically to incorporate changes in the law or our commercial practices. Notification of any changes will be posted by introducing new terms on the Website. By continuing to use the Website, you affirm that you fully accept the prevailing terms and conditions at the time of your usage.

Should you oppose any alterations, you possess the right to terminate your use of the Website and our ongoing provision of Products within 30 days of the modification by contacting us through the contact form. Refunds will be issued for any prepaid sums or those linked to canceled Products. However, refunds will not be granted for Products already downloaded or accessed. Refer to our Refund & Cancellation policy.

2. Application

You can explore various sections of the website without the need for an application, sign-up, or subscription. However, access to specific content, services, or other products might require you to apply or register on the website.

When you apply or register, we will request certain personal information from you. Any personal details you provide will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

Should you choose to register, creating a password may be necessary. It’s essential to maintain the confidentiality of this password to prevent fraud. Do not share or disclose it to anyone. If you suspect that someone else knows your password, please notify us promptly by contacting us through the contact form.

In case we suspect a security breach or misuse of the website using your account or password, we might ask you to change your password or suspend your account. During this period, access to specific website sections may be restricted until you modify your password or we reactivate your account.

By agreeing, you confirm that all personal information provided to us remains accurate, complete, and updated. We may use this information to contact you in line with our Privacy Policy.

You are allowed only one registration on the website. We hold the discretion to delete or terminate the registration of any individual possessing more than one profile at any time.

We retain the right to suspend or cancel any registration if it’s reasonable to do so, especially if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use and Purchase.

3. Test

You will be able to use the Website to take a free test. The results of the Test are automatically analyzed and you will receive a result in your mail within 24-72 hours. We may also record and use your answers and results for research purposes following our Privacy Policy.

4. Purchase of Digital Content and Services

We provide digital content and services for purchase on our website, as described therein. We retain the right to modify the descriptions and products offered periodically.

Our products are licensed, not sold, and remain our property. Intellectual property rights, including copyrights, belong to us and/or our authors/licensors. Our products may contain digital rights management information and technology designed to prevent misuse of our intellectual property, which you agree not to alter or remove.

Upon placing an order requiring payment, you authorize the payment process. We reserve the right to charge you anytime between order placement and service provision or your request for digital content access.

Your order constitutes an offer to buy from us. No contract exists between you and us until we receive payment, at which point we’ll confirm the contract and order acceptance via email. Prior to this, we reserve the right to refuse service or content without explanation. In case of payment receipt and subsequent failure to provide services or content, a full refund will be issued.

Prices for ordered items are clearly displayed on the website. If an item is mistakenly underpriced, we reserve the right not to supply it at that price but will notify you before dispatch or availability.

Payments are made electronically through the website. By paying via credit or debit card, you consent to specific checks, including obtaining authorization from your card issuer for fund verification and security purposes, which may involve validating personal information.

For subscription-based services, payments are due monthly or annually on or near the initial payment date.

We retain the right to adjust our fees, with new fees posted on our website. If you object to the fee increase, you can cancel your website use and ongoing product provision within 30 days of the change by contacting us through the contact form. We will refund any pre-paid sums or those related to canceled products. No refund is granted for already downloaded or accessed products.

Displayed prices are in Indian Rupee and include GST if applicable.

If you request a replacement for purchased or downloaded products, unless a statutory right exists, any replacement is at our discretion. Note that our e-books are periodically updated and replaced, so a replacement may not always be available.

Honesty about personality traits and behaviors among participants is crucial for accurate outcomes. We hold no liability for how you use the tool or decisions/actions resulting from its use—this responsibility lies with solely with you.

For concerns or complaints, contact us through the contact form. However, we’re not accountable for your use of the tool; inquiries about its use can be resolved in our FAQ page.

5. Permission & License to use our Website Services or Products

  1. Ownership of Intellectual Property: The website and its content, including products, are owned by the website owner or their licensors. This ownership includes various intellectual property rights like copyrights, trademarks, goodwill, software, and more.
  2. Permitted Use: Users are allowed to view, download (for caching purposes), and print pages from the website or products for their personal use, subject to certain restrictions mentioned in the terms.
  3. Restrictions: Users are explicitly prohibited from engaging in various activities without prior consent from the website owner. These include reproducing, selling, communicating to the public, exploiting for commercial purposes, editing, redistributing, or reproducing any intellectual property rights of third parties present on the website.
  4. Exceptions: The terms also mention that if any restriction limits the express rights of users under Acts and Laws of India regarding fair dealing or other permitted uses, that restriction may not be enforceable if the law of the land expressly states it to be unenforceable.

6. Appropriate Usage

Your use of the Website must not cause any harm or hinder its availability or accessibility in any manner. It should comply with legal standards and refrain from engaging in unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful activities, or any activity associated with such purposes.

You are prohibited from employing the Website for copying, storing, transmitting, hosting, publishing, or distributing any material linked to malicious software like spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, keystroke loggers, or other harmful computer programs.

Engaging in systematic or automated data collection (such as scraping, data mining, and extraction) on or related to the Website without our explicit written consent is not permitted. Additionally, infringing upon the rights of any Products sold through the Website is prohibited.

The transmission or sending of unsolicited commercial communications through the Website is not allowed.

Using the Website for marketing purposes, except for Product reviews, requires our express written consent.

Employing the Website or Products for any business assessments, including pre-employment tests or employee evaluations, is strictly prohibited.

You hold sole responsibility for the content you post or communicate to other users on the Website. You must refrain from posting or transmitting inaccurate, defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, or unlawful content, as well as content that is misleading, racially offensive, threatening, harassing, or soliciting confidential information, passwords included.

Additionally, you agree not to:

  • Bully, intimidate or harass other users of the Website.
  • Engage in actions that disable or impair the proper functioning of the Website.
  • Indicate or imply that statements made by you are endorsed by us.
  • Assume the identity of another person within any profile, regardless of whether that person is a user of the Website or not.

7. User-Created Content

We may provide opportunities for users to share content on our Website (“Content”), such as discussion posts, comments, or private messages.

We reserve the right to delete or modify Content on the Website for any reason. Specifically, content that doesn’t align with our standards may be deleted.

By posting any Content on the Website, you affirm that:

  • You are the creator of the Content.
  • You hold all intellectual property rights (copyright and other rights) (“IPR”) in the Content (unless the Content comprises only factual information).
  • Any Content you publish on the Website is your responsibility. You are personally accountable for any claims related to defamation, violation of IPR, privacy, or any other claim arising from your Content.

You agree to fully indemnify us for any liability we may incur due to claims (including legal action) related to defamation, violation of IPR, privacy, or any other claim arising from your Content.

By submitting Content, you grant us permission, without charge, under the IPR in the Content, to reproduce, perform, create derivative works, distribute copies, or publicly display Content in any medium and for any purpose (including commercial purposes) worldwide. Additionally, you authorize others to do the same, and this permission cannot be revoked.

You agree not to publish any offensive, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful Content.

In particular, you agree not to publish (or distribute via the Website) any Content that:

  • Promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm against any group or individual.
  • Harasses or advocates harassment of any person.
  • Displays or promotes pornographic or sexually explicit material.
  • Engages in or promotes abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or libelous behavior.
  • Is illegal, infringes intellectual property rights, defames any person, breaches confidentiality, or promotes illegal activities.
  • Encourages illegal copying of copyrighted work, provides pirated computer programs or links to them, or provides information to circumvent copy-protection devices.
  • Provides instructions or information about illegal activities, violating privacy, or creating computer viruses.
  • Contains restricted or password-protected access pages, hidden pages or images.
  • Solicits passwords or personal information for commercial or unlawful purposes.
  • Involves transmitting “junk mail,” “chain letters,” unsolicited mass mailing, or “spamming.”
  • Promotes knowingly false or misleading information.
  • Contains personal information like names or contact details.
  • Engages in commercial activities and/or sales, such as contests, advertising, or pyramid schemes.

We retain the right to remove any Content from the Website at any time and for any reason.

If you contribute to translating our Website or Products using our translation tool, the following terms also apply:

By submitting translations of our Website or Products, you transfer all your rights in them to us. Where such rights cannot be transferred, you grant us an irrevocable, exclusive, fully paid-up, worldwide license to use those rights.
You acknowledge that we may or may not use your translations without obligation to compensate you. However, we’ll strive to acknowledge major contributors in a dedicated section of our website if they meet our criteria and agree to be listed.
You agree to provide translation suggestions only when confident in your ability to offer an accurate translation. We reserve the right to delete suggestions we deem inappropriate at our discretion.

8. Notification and Content Removal

We will exert reasonable efforts to identify and delete content that is defamatory or violates intellectual property rights upon notification. However, we cannot be held responsible if you fail to furnish pertinent information.

If you suspect any content on the Website is defamatory or infringing upon intellectual property rights, please inform us

We retain the right to adjust our fees, with new fees posted on our website. If you object to the fee increase, you can cancel your website use and ongoing product provision within 30 days of the change by contacting us through the contact form.

Include the following details:

  • Your complete name and contact information, such as phone number, and email address.
  • The precise URL where the defamatory or infringing content is located.
  • Description of the content you believe is defamatory or infringing upon intellectual property rights.
  • Explanation outlining why you believe the content infringes upon intellectual property rights.
  • A statement confirming your authorization to act on behalf of the claimant or rights holders.
  • A signed declaration affirming the truthfulness of the information provided in the notice.

Any statement made under this section might be used in legal proceedings.

9. Unsolicited Proposal or Idea Submissions

We do not welcome or review unsolicited ideas in any form, such as creative concepts, new product suggestions, marketing strategies, or original artwork. Submitting such ideas, despite our request not to do so, implies your agreement to the following terms:

  1. Any submissions become our exclusive property without compensation to you, and we hold no obligation to you or anyone else regarding these submissions.
  2. We reserve the right to use or distribute your submissions for any purpose, including developing competitive products or services.
  3. We are not obliged to review or implement your ideas.
  4. Your submission does not create a confidential relationship between you and us. All submissions are considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, allowing us unrestricted use of the information.

While we appreciate feedback and testimonials, please refrain from including ideas prohibited by this policy. Please share feedback and testimonials through the contact form.

10. Limited Guarantees and Warranties Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information presented on this Website or within any Products we offer for sale. Additionally, we do not commit to the continuous availability of the Website or the ongoing currency of its content. The Website is provided on an ‘as is’ basis, and we reserve the right to suspend the Website and its associated services at any time without prior notice.

To the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, representations, and conditions regarding this Website and its use, excluding only those explicitly outlined in these Website Terms of Use and Purchase. When using the Website or Products, you acknowledge your sole responsibility for any actions or decisions resulting from such use. We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of any Products, including personality assessments.

Nothing within this Website or our Products should be construed as medical, psychological, academic, recruitment, business, or any other form of advice. All materials and Products are intended for informational purposes exclusively.

If the Website contains links to third-party websites, we do not vouch for the content found on these sites. By using these third-party websites, you accept the associated risks. We are not party to any agreements or contracts between you and third-party websites accessed through our platform.

11. Restrictions and Exceptions Regarding Responsibility

We will not restrict or limit our responsibility to you where such limitation is illegal. Therefore, none of the terms mentioned here will:

  • restrict or eliminate our or your responsibility for death or personal injury resulting from carelessness;
  • restrict or exclude our or your responsibility for deceit or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or your responsibilities in ways not allowed by the law; or
  • exclude any of our or your responsibilities that cannot be excluded by law.

The limitations and exclusions of responsibility described in this section and elsewhere in these terms of use:

  • are subject to the preceding statement; and
  • apply to all responsibilities arising from these terms of use or concerning the subject matter they cover, including responsibilities arising in agreements, negligence, and for breaching statutory obligations.

We will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as industrial disputes, labor shortages, supplier failures, natural disasters, transportation disruptions, governmental interference, or any other uncontrollable events (“Force Majeure”).

Our Products are not designed for, nor provided for, business purposes. Should you use our Products in a business, employment, or recruitment context, you assume the associated risks. Specifically, if you utilize our Products for business purposes, we will not be liable for any business-related losses, including (but not limited to) loss of profits, income, revenue, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities, or goodwill. We do not hold liability for any business or human resource decisions made using our Products, nor do we accept responsibility for employment disputes, including wrongful or unfair dismissal. Our content offers information and materials regarding personality types but does not aim to cover all relevant issues comprehensively. Our content should always be used alongside other information, advice, and training.

Any decisions or actions taken by you after engaging with our content or materials should consider other factors apart from the information we provide, such as medical advice, and should involve relevant professionals.

We will not be responsible for any emotional or mental distress or other harm resulting from the use of our Products, except in cases where such damage is caused by our negligence.

We will not be responsible for any loss or corruption of data, databases, or software (while this does not affect your legal rights).

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that could not have been reasonably foreseen. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is obvious it will happen or if both parties were aware it might happen when the contract was made, such as discussing it during the sales process.

Any decisions or actions made based on information provided on the Website are solely at your discretion and risk. Seek professional advice where necessary.

The views and opinions shared by users on the Website are not endorsed by us.

If you have a dispute with another user stemming from their use of the Website, you agree to handle such claims independently of us, releasing us from any claims, responsibilities, or damages resulting from such disputes.

Should there be any liability to you under these terms and/or your use of the Website and/or any Products, notwithstanding the disclaimers and liability exclusions in these terms, our liability shall be limited in any calendar year to the aggregate amount paid by you under these terms in that year, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

12. Refund & Cancellation Policy

We strive for every product you buy from us to meet your expectations. We’re exceedingly confident in our products, prices, and customer service. If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied and don’t find our information useful, we’ll refund your money without hassle. Our dedication revolves around understanding your personality and aiding to take academic and career decisions.

To facilitate a swift return process, kindly adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Retain your confirmation email, as it verifies your original order and provides the necessary details for refund authorization.
  2. Contact our Customer Services Team through the contact form.
  3. Upon receipt, we’ll initiate your refund.

Our Returns policy is transparent, yet we have specific conditions for customers to meet before applying:

  • You must request a refund. If you don’t inform us, we can’t act on it. Once you do, we’ll promptly proceed.
  • Failure to request a refund within 30 days of receiving your order indicates intent to keep it, and we won’t authorize a refund thereafter.
  • Upon accepting a refund, you declare that you haven’t shared any content (including e-books) and have deleted or disposed of all copies in your possession.
  • Refunds are processed to be completed within 10 working days from our receipt of your request.
  • If you took our test and have not received a report, then we will send you the report again without issuing a refund.
  • If you took our test and have received a report, then we will not refund any amount, unless we see a genuine reason in your request for refund.
Cancellation Form

You can use the following cancellation format and send to us through the refund form:

I/We hereby give notice that I/We cancel my/our contract of sale of the following digital content/ contract of sale of the following goods/ for the supply of the following service,

Order ID: []

Ordered on [ ]

Received on [ ]

Reason for asking refund: []

We retain the right to adjust our fees, with new fees posted on our website. If you object to the fee increase, you can cancel your website use and ongoing product provision within 30 days of the change by contacting us through the contact form. We will refund any pre-paid sums or those related to canceled products. No refund is granted for already downloaded or accessed products.

Should you have inquiries about our Refund Policy, feel free to reach us through the contact form.

13. Indemnity

You agree to fully reimburse us for any losses, damages, expenses, or liabilities, including legal costs and any payments made by us to settle a dispute or claim based on advice from our legal advisors, incurred by us due to your breach of these terms of use or any claim alleging such a breach.

14. Breaches of These Terms of Use

If you violate these terms in any manner, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions, including suspending or prohibiting your access to the Website, blocking computers using your IP address, contacting your internet service provider to restrict your access, or initiating legal proceedings against you.

15. Variation

We may update these terms of use periodically. Any revised terms will govern the use of the Website starting from the date of their publication on the Website.

16. Transfer/Assignment

We reserve the right to transfer or delegate our rights and obligations under these terms of use without notifying you. However, any such transfer will not undermine your rights under this contract. You need our consent to transfer your rights and obligations under these terms.

17. Severability

If any part of this contract is deemed unlawful by a court, the remaining portions will remain valid and enforceable. Each paragraph of these terms operates independently.

18. Exclusion of Third-Party Rights

This contract is exclusively between you and us. No other individual or entity has the right to enforce its terms. Neither party requires the agreement of any other person to amend or terminate the contract.

19. Entire Agreement

These terms of use, along with our privacy and refund policies, constitute the complete agreement between you and us regarding your use of the Website, superseding any prior agreements. Your statutory rights remain unaffected by these terms.

20. Delay in Enforcing this Contract

Our delay in enforcing these terms or taking action against a breach by you does not waive our right to enforce these terms at a later time.

21. Law and Legal Proceedings

Indian law governs these terms. Legal proceedings concerning the Products can be initiated in Mumbai courts.

22. Our Details

Our company is named TWAGAA International Private Limited, registered in India under the Companies Act. We are based out of Mumbai, India. For concerns or complaints, contact us through the contact form.

23. Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you’re dissatisfied with our complaint handling and we’ve exhausted our internal procedure, we’ll inform you of our inability to resolve the complaint, our approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and suggest an ADR entity.

24. Summary of Your Legal Rights

We are obligated to provide products that comply with this contract. Your legal rights are not affected by these terms. See below for a summary of your key legal rights concerning the Products.

If your digital product, such as an e-book, experiences a defect:

  • You have the right to request a repair or a replacement.
  • If the issue persists despite attempts to fix it within a reasonable period without causing significant inconvenience, you may receive a partial or full refund.

If you’re receiving services, like access to our Specialized Tests:

  • You have the option to request a redo or correction of the service if it was not performed with reasonable care and skill. Alternatively, if the issue cannot be resolved, you may receive a partial refund.
  • In cases where a price hasn’t been agreed upon beforehand, the amount requested for payment should be fair and reasonable.
  • Services must be completed within a reasonable timeframe if no specific time has been agreed upon beforehand.